The Author

2016 Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders, (an Initiative by former president Barack Obama), Oscar A. Nchaso Bekari holds a dual degree in Economics and Trade, minor in English from DUT (China) and an MBA from the CJC University (Spain). Well known for speaking Spanish, French, English, Chinese, Russian and some Portuguese, directing his country’s first business guidebook (2013), or working as a consultant at UNDP Equatorial Guinea, during the preparation and visit of SE Ban Ki Moon.
The Business Consultant and motivational speaker invites the audience through his incursions to think or reflect on topics as current and necessary as uncertainty management, assertiveness for decision making, results management, vision strategic, active listening of the environment and attitudes to achieve success; as well as tools for the development of personal leadership, and effective communication for teamwork. “Words can stop wars, wars can´t stop words.”
While he also raises deeper level analysis and reflections, venturing into considerations of the theory of relativity or that of splitting, applied to knowledge management processes, with an ultimate goal; the practice of futurism as a lifestyle. Giving priority to how our actions will impact the future of future generations, on our planet and universe.
Promoter of DREAMS TECH HUB initiative. A free information technology teaching space in his community for children under 12, from families with limited resources.
A project that was born with the intention of articulating a network of organizations and prominent people in the business, professional and cultural field of the country, to foster a cultural movement that values the importance of returning to reading and reflective listening, as a basis for manage uncertainty, prioritizing the management of values, as a fundamental pillar of any society.