The Board of Dreams (ISAROIS)

For some reason, you’ve inverted the order and sequence of your dreams, and they’re all converging at the same time. Look at the number of events you’ve chosen for yourself here and now…
…These are the sequences of the relationships between the numbers from less to more infinite, assigned to all the lights. These allow matter to be transformed into pure energy and travel between dreams, which enable you to experience other realities. These patterns are the oldest, most coded language, and they uphold the structure of matter in the universe. Everything is there, within reach and already programmed; you just have to find the keys to access that other plane, where humankind becomes infinitely rich. There, happiness is all in the mind, and it depends only on intention and conscious actions; each person uses these to the benefit of others, as they are a co-creator, a builder, and a protagonist of their own reality.